5 random facts about myself


1. If I listen to a song well enough I can play what I hear (on the violin)….audio learner? 

2. Im a asthmatic

3. I have stitches in my forehead

4. I apparently have an soft voice on the phone

5. I started college 6 months late

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Since fiercedeception tagged me I guess I’ll do it! 1. First things first I’m the realest 2. I’m mixed I’m just messin lol 1. I love to dress people…wanted to be a stylist 2. I don’t have a type but if you can hold a conversation or debate with me then I’m instantly more attracted to you 3. I like to please, I like being dominated, and I like to watch 😈 4. At one point I was trained in 5 instruments 5. I’m finding it harder to just be friends with you… Tagged: jessicaisawolverine jamoca5 creative-cacophany cminorsounds tittiesonyaback

Frank Ocean talking about Novacane 

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It’s very unhealthy to stay in a situation that doesn’t serve you or support you in expressing your highest potential. I’m such a feeling person. I’m sensitive to all energy. So I FEEL when a situation is dishonorable and it impacts my spirit and my ability to be.

Falling in love with yourself first doesn’t make you vain or selfish, it makes you indestructible.
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Let’s play a fun game called “we’re just friends but I’d fuck you if you asked”

We can’t hate ourselves into a version of ourselves we can love.
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Why do you always post nasty shit